kitchen cabinet pull-down shelving over ADA height kitchen countertop


Are all sink and counter heights manageable

Storage areas - are cabinets, drawers, pantries accessible

Is there adequate counter space

Is the overall lighting sufficient for tasks


Roll-under cabinet/sink

Lowering sink

Single lever faucet

Lowering cabinet racks


Space clearing

Lower microwave

tape measure with measurement of 48" next to white rocker-style light switch on wall

*This list of possible accessibility and mobility needs and solutions are only a starting point and must be completed based on an individuals needs and environment

Golden technologies Lite Rider envy power chair in the Current Edge showroom
high efficiency washer on the left and clothes dryer on the right


Are house numbers clear and visible at night (both on house front as well as mailbox or curb)

Are all walkways, sidewalks, drive surfaces clear and in good condition

Are handrails or ramps needed

Do all entrances/exits have ramps or allow access

Are all knobs, locks, keys usable

Fall Prevention



Wheelchair ramp, platform lift, handrails

Lever handles, video doorbell, smart lock

Car safety equipment


Can you easily access the washer, dryer, and laundry products

Can the shut off valves be accessed


Lifting power chair

Relocate shut off valves

split screen of cell phone with Ring doorbell app showing camera view and Ring doorbell unit installed at front door on the right
Twenty-Eight foot wheelchair ramp with upper landing, turn around landing, and ground landing made of lumber in Redwood tone
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Commodes - height, stability, ability to reach paper, flush easily, room for mobility

Are all sink basins, tubs, and shower faucets and drains manageable

Is the shower/tub easily accessible

Are grab bars and/or a shower/tub seat necessary

Is the shower head usable; accessible shampoo-soap storage

Fall Prevention


Comfort height toilet, toilet frame, toilet lift


Wall mount sink, modified roll-under sink

Lever handle faucets, handheld showerhead

Walk-in/roll-in shower

Shower bench

Grab bars

Tub lift

Wider doorway

Easy turn power chair

Bedrooms, Living Areas, Dining

Can you easily use TV's, lights, phones, computers, other equipment

Can you easily transfer to and use chairs, sofas, beds, tables

Are there any trip hazards such as rugs, thresholds

Is emergency alert service necessary


Customized solutions

Smart equipment

Lift recliner

Patient lift

Bed rail, bed alarm

Patient lift

Stair lift, platform lift

Patient monitors

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bathtub lift in bathtub with comfort height toilet and pedestal sink

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Are floors level at thresholds and at other areas

Are halls wide enough and free of obstacles to maneuver safely

Are all doors wide enough to maneuver safely


Modular ramp

Widen doorway/door

Hard surface flooring

Telephone and Doors

Are electrical outlets, telephone jacks usable

Are you able to identify visitors, hear the doorbell, and grant access

Is a video doorbell necessary

Can you reach the mailbox


Raise electrical outlets, lower switches or

  install smart devices

Video doorbell

Wheelchair ramp

Smart lock

Vibrating or light activated doorbell